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Ethical hosting and free software in Europe

Assodev-Marsnet - CHATONS

two - Sabato 22 Ottobre - ore 10:30

Presentation of
- Assodev-Marsnet, free/libre digital in France for non profit organisation ,
promotion of solidarity internet and free/libre computing for associations
Ethical hosters, associative and militant, located in Marseille, created in 2004
- CHATONS, a collective of ethical hosters, (Alternative, Transparent, Open, Neutral and Solidarity.)
Brings together French-speaking structures offering free/libre, ethical and decentralized online services to allow users to quickly find alternatives to GAFAM
- Libre hoster, a collective of English-speaking Ethical Free / Libre hoster
- Open Minds - Free digital in Europe
Open/Free digital solutions adapted to the socio-cultural sector and non profit organisation (platform of free/ libre resources + trainings) project financed by ERASMUS, and carried by 4 European structures of which CHATONS ASSODEV-MARSNET
- European Mobilities
financing travel to conferences / hackmeeting, or meetings of European colleagues with ERASMUS mobility adult education - experience sharing of Assodev-Marsnet

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